Tdadp chapter 107

Rebirth Online World

TDADP Chapter 107: speculation

(Tl note: yesterday I was moving(running) away from home and have to move things that’s why my arm is sprained.. hahaha.. as I said real life was being mean to me lately… this isn’t the first regular of the week, this is debt from last week)
(Tl note: patreon who donate this month, please send me email at which chapter you want to sponsor)
(Tl note: still waiting if anyone have any idea on software on hardware to cover anime song and apps to let us playing piano on the laptop/pc and recorded it)
(Tl note this week schedule: neta chara 0/3 , tdadp 1 / 3-4(depends on chapter length) , etc. romance 0 / 1-5 , werewolf 0 /3 , master of dungeon 0 / 3 … well I wonder if I could do it…not to mention sponsored chapter..fighto!)

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